Short Bio

It’s primal..... Boy meets girl, girl gets pregnant, boy (now man) in band tours a lot, girl (now woman) stays home bringing up kids, woman starts playing guitar and writing songs - waiting for man to return. Woman says ‘hey man, listen to this!’ Man gets turned on to woman sound, quits band and together they become VICTORIANA GAYE.

10 years down the track, Victoriana Gaye have performed nationally and internationally. They have released 6 albums. They describe their sound as soft-core-prog!

Comparisons made......
‘ Patti Smith meets The Seekers’...
‘Herb Alpert meets the B52’s’
and our favorite....
‘ Tori Amos meets Benny Hill’.

Another Bio

Sometimes whimsical, sometimes romantic and sometimes rockin'.

Victoriana Gaye describe their sound as a combination of psych-folk with new wave pop, but performed in a singer songwriter style. The couple play a mix of acoustic and electric guitars, trumpet, harmonica and take it in turns to sing lead or harmony.

Vicki Gaye Philipp and Jeff Raglus have packed a lot into the 6 years since they formed. Recording 3 albums, 'Five Songs', 'Our Pleasure' and their latest Holy Roll.

They have toured and played their original tunes at festivals and venues in Japan, New Caledonia and Australia. They are just about to tour the UK and Europe for the first time.

***”Vicki and Jeff are a wonder couple. Their music is beautiful folk pop. I have been in awe of them for years!”
Mama Kin

***"Victoriana Gaye make beautiful music!"
Abbe May.